Student Apartment


Youtha,a high-end serviced apartment owned by China Resources Land,which located at No.215,Tai Huan Road and 800 meters away from SUIS Pudong-Sanlin Campus. Surrounding shops are enough to meet the living supporting facilities,including SUNTEC Place Sanlin,SiSYPHE,Hema.

Student Apartment Application Instructions



Rent:15000 yuan / semester

Deposit:1000 yuan / semester (the deposit shall be returned according to the contract)

Management Fee:2500 yuan / semester

Application Materials

Student Apartment Application Form

Copy of both student’s ID card and guardian’s ID card

The Application Process

Fill in the Student Apartment Application Form

Application approved Check-in and complete the payment.



Q1:What are the accommodation conditions? How many people in a room?

The apartment is equipped with Automatic Washing Machine, refrigerator,

air conditioning, separate wash room. Double rooms are provided.

Q2:Can I get a refund less than a semester?

Only deposit would be refunded after payment according to the contract.

Q3:What are charges for water and electricity?

Part of water and electricity are included namely 150 yuan/person/month/room.

The water and electricity charges for the part beyond the quota are 1.1 yuan/KWH

for electricity and 50 yuan/ton for hot water.The extra cost will be shared equally

by the students in each room.

Q4:Can I choose a roommate?

Overall arrangement for new students:Old students adopt the method of combining        roommate application with overall planning.

Q5:What personal items do students need to prepare on the day of check-in?

Toiletries: toothbrush, toothpaste, towel, slippers, shampoo, shower gel, etc.

A week’s worth of school uniforms.

Bedding: quilt, pillow, sheet, quilt cover, pillowcase.The size of single bed is 1.2m * 2m.

Automatic washing machine is provided,students can bring their own clothes drying tools.

Q6: Is the student apartment safe?

We provide each student a card for swiping in and out, and use the password to unlock the room.Public areas such as corridors, entrance halls, lounge areas and stairwells are equipped with surveillance cameras;each room has independently installed surveillance equipment at the door, and there is a 24-hour security guard in the apartment lobby.