‘Exploring and developing together through the integration of Eastern and Western cultures’ is at the core of a Xiehe Education. All our students, at home and abroad, make progress together based on mutual respect and cooperation in order to develop as independent learners and global citizens. Our core values provide the foundation for our teachers and staff to be grounded in our principle of ‘Unity in diversity, innovation through collaboration’, to cooperate with team members from a variety of cultures and backgrounds, to work through differences by seeking common ground on the basis of mutual respect and tolerance, and to learn from others’ strengths with open minds.

In addition, our core values encourage us to advance with the times so as to contribute to a more efficient and innovative education team. Since its establishment in 1993, the Xiehe Education Group has always adhered to the student-oriented concept of ‘East Meets West’ with a development strategy of collaborative school leadership and management driven by educational research. We provide our students with a comprehensive 15-year education system from kindergarten through to senior high school, dedicated to their all-round and sustainable development, both mentally and physically.