New school establishment


SUIS Pudong Academy


After setting up 12 elementary and secondary schools, Xiehe Education is welcoming a new member!
It will be…
*The Xiehe Education’s first non-academic international curriculum study centre ;
*In line with the standard of UK Sixth Form Colleges;
*Providing an alternative for students between 16 to 18 who seek international education;
*Featuring a pathway course for the international foundation programme;
*Providing customized and one-on-one teaching and tutoring.

Characteristics of Teaching

1. Situated Learning
Our curriculum combines local relevance with global prospects, providing great opportunities for students to engage in situated learning.

2. Personalization
Our curriculum offers optional courses for students to develop their knowledge, build their understanding and hone their skills through personalized programmes.

3. Cohesion and Coherence
Our curriculums focus on the logical integration and overall coherence of student’s knowledge, understanding and skills, aiming to lay a solid foundation for their learning efficiency and further study.

4. In-depth Learning
Our curriculum is designed to develop students’ curiosity and inquisitive spirit by stimulating their in-depth thinking.

5. Visibility
Our curriculums are diversified and designed for comprehensive learning, requiring students to visually illustrate their thinking process, understanding and application of knowledge for themselves and their teachers to see.

Admission Information

As a new member of Xiehe Education, SUIS Pudong Academy will be open in the spring of 2020. Anybody wishing to attend the briefing, Scan the QR code, register the student information, and sign up for the suis PDA promotion meeting:

Date 1: December 7 (only a few places left)

Date 2: December 22

Main Contact:
Mr WU/WANG: 17717562875
(Working hours: Monday – Friday 9:00 – 17:00)

Admission Email: