Q1About SUIS Pudong Sanlin Campus

A1:SUIS Pudong-Sanlin Campus is the eighth campus set up by Xiehe group in Shanghai. SUIS Pudong-Sanlin Campus is jointly deployed and recruited by Xiehe group, and is jointly managed with Xiehe Pudong Campus. The campus is located in Sanlin community, Pudong. Referring to the hardware standard of English Six Form College, the campus breaks the closed traditional campus pattern and wall, and adopts the open campus layout. We maintain close interaction with the surrounding communities, realize complementary facilities and resource sharing, and strive to build a pluralistic and free public complex. Our facilities include standard classrooms, science laboratories, music and Art Specialist classrooms and learning resource centers. In addition, the resources and facilities we share with the community include outdoor basketball court, outdoor tennis court, indoor gymnasium, dance room, fight hall, lecture hall, restaurant and coffee shop.


Q2The scope of enrollment about SUIS Pudong Sanlin Campus

A2:Limitations for applicants: no limits to household registration and student status.


Q3How many students are there per class and what is the student: teacher ratio?

A3:Each class as 24 students.The school’s average teacher-student ratio will be 1:6.


Q4What is the school’s curriculums?

A4:Our school follows the IGCSE & A Level course officially certified by CAIE (Cambridge Assessment International Education) and Pearson Edexcel.


Q5How to apply for SUIS Pudong Sanlin Campus?

A5:Targeted students: IGCSE and Alevel who are interested in international curriculum.

Please refer to the school’s official website for the specific registration process :https://pudong-academy.suis.com.cn 【enrollment information】, official account, or enter the official WeChat public “concord education Pudong Curriculum Center”, then click on the【Apply For】under the【Admissions】section .


Q6: What is the dining plan in school?

A6:Our meals are planned and designed according to scientific research on students’ nutritional needs for growth across different ages. Our meal planning also considers the number of calories served and the energy consumed by students over.

SUIS Pudong Sanlin Campus provides morning snacks, Chinese, Western, and vegetarian lunch options for  students are provided.


Q7Does the school provide boarding for students?

A7:We provides student apartment services. Please refer to the school’s official website for specific information: https://pudong-academy.suis.com.cn 【Student Apartment】 under the column of 【Service】.


Q8Does the school have PSG? How do parents keep in touch with the school?

A8:We always determined to strengthen the communication, interaction and cooperation between the school, teachers and parents. Sanlin Campus’s PSG provides an effective communication channel and platform for this purpose.